A gazillion of people get carried away with Yo Yo Dieting, or go gaga over weight loss fads and latest celebrity Weight Loss products – from coconut water to 5:2 diets, Garcinia Cambogia, or green coffee weight loss pills.




Leptin and Cortisol

Leptin hormone – this imbalance problem is behind one of the most successful USA Weight Loss programme called The Venus Factor — a discovery so clever that a lot of users successfully turned off their fatty tendencies whilst under the regimen.

Cortisol hormone – when one is constantly ‘stressed’, it wreaks havoc on the body, especially the midsection area which is why a lot of us get fatty deposits called ‘love handles’ as per Dr. Axe, a well-known leader in health topics.


Intermittent Fasting

Good news is, this is not really a ‘diet’ 

It is more of a change in lifestyle or eating pattern where you cycle in and out of periods of not eating and eating.

And the Benefits are outstanding – even my personal friends are doing it with success, with rock-hard abs to boot in less than 8 weeks…

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting 

Dramatic effect on HGH or human growth hormones which then triggers faster muscle repair and growth, and also autophagy – a process where the body consumes defective tissues and produce new ones


Regulates our insulin levels, a key factor in diabetes

Supercharges the body’s detoxification process by using up glucose levels

Known to slow the aging process

Wheat and Gluten 

Avoiding wheat and other gluten-containing grains is not really a popular option, not even an easy thing to do (I keep falling for it, for years – and until today)


My personal take is that wheat was never created for the human gut, it is said to cause chaos in our insides so much so that our body is then on ‘constant’ alert, that is, our antibodies are always under threat thinking that our bodies have just ingested a ‘foreign’ body.

What is sad is that, when I eat eat anything with wheat or gluten, my body goes into a state of obvious water retention, especially my face – it become round-faced and bloated, then my waistline ever so flabby in no time (I always have to forego taking photos with me in it)

HITT Workouts

Short and simple, it only means short and intensive bursts of exercise with an objective of raising the heart rate to 85 or 100 percent of one’s maximum capacity.

This workout is a big hit with rats because the gains are epic in a short period of time – always substantial fat loss.

But keep in mind though, that this workout is no better than weightlifting, it just means you are working out in a shorter time but with faster calorie burn, then off you go!


I personally believe that our emotions are the last frontier to long-term weight loss miracle.

Can we really stop our hidden food eating patterns behind closed doors for ever?

I don’t think so.

Unless we address and heal what we constantly run away from, or bury the traumas and hurt and loss, we can never truly stop the damaging overeating coping mechanisms, plus factor in our stressed lifestyles, relationships and jobs.